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Hackers winning security war, executives say

Technology security professionals seeking wisdom from industry leaders in San Francisco this week saw more of the dark side than they had expected: a procession of CEO speakers whose companies have been hacked. Full story

Future of U.S. Defense

   A look at the future of America defense, with Michael Hayden, Chertoff Group Principal/former head of the CIA.

Is now the time to end the War on Terror?

   Former CIA director Michael Hayden and the Boston Globe's Juliette Kayyem hold opposing viewpoints on the value of continuing the War on Terror. They both join Morning Joe to discuss why the U.S. should and why the U.S. should not end this era.

“Have to be more careful than ever” after Bin Laden’s death

   Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff discusses how America needs to act after killing Osama Bin Laden with Former CIA director General Michael Hayden and Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani.

Rebels on outskirts of Gadhafi’s hometown

   Libyan rebels have made dramatic gains over the past few days, supported by Western air strikes but pro-Gadhafi forces have put up little fight, melting away as the opposition advanced. Former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden discusses.

Did allies wait too long to act in Libya?

   Jim Miklaszewski, Andrea Mitchell, Helene Cooper, Michael Hayden and Richard Haass David Gregory to discuss.

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  Panel talks Libya endgame, planning

Watch David Gregory’s full discussion with Jim Miklaszewski, Andrea Mitchell, Helene Cooper, Michael Hayden and Richard Haass.

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