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  Trading South Korea

Are rankings unfair to U.S. higher ed?

Data hound lays out case against the most commonly cited international higher education comparisons, which typically cite annual reports on where the world stands on rankings on college grads. Full story

8 cool phones you can’t get here ... yet

The United States is rarely the first country to get the latest and coolest in mobile-phone technology. Here's a look at what we're missing stateside right now. Full story

US faults Turks for canceling NATO air exercises

The United States has chided Turkey for canceling a NATO military exercise because Israel also was participating. Full story

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No deal on crucial issues as climate talks end

Billions in aid never reached Pakistan army

Intelligence chief: U.S. safer from al-Qaida

U.S. no longer most competitive economy

U.S., Cuba to discuss resuming direct mail

U.S. to stop issuing most visas in Honduras

U.S. hopes China talks spur economy, jobs

Newsweek opinion: We need more religious scientists


  Is the situation in Egypt spiraling out of control?

Amb. Dennis Ross and The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg explain how the U.S. plans to handle civil unrest in Egypt.

  ‘People are right to be skeptical’ about Middle East peace talks

President Obama gave both negotiators a pep talk and sent them back to the State Department to try to resolve all of the issues that have divided them for a half century. In a sign of optimism on Tuesday the Israeli negotiator said history is not made by cynics, it is made by realists who are not af