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When anti-aging products make your skin worse

Hey, patches of tiny red bumps or an itchy rash can make a girl cranky. Keep your skin happy by staying away from the following saboteurs.Full story

Mouthwash for stinky feet and other surprising cures

When minor medical issues crop up (nosebleeds, insect stings, dandruff!), chances are your medicine cabinet already contains some effective—and surprising—fixes for what ails you. Full story

U.S. scientists work to grow meat in lab

In a small laboratory on an upper floor of the basic science building at the Medical University of South Carolina, Vladimir Mironov, M.D., Ph.D., has been working for a decade to grow meat. Full story

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  Trapped miners face mental health struggle

Thirty three miners trapped in Chile may be facing months of confinement before rescuers can reach them. Teams of psychiatrists are joining medical doctors at the scene to help manage the miners' psychological health. NBC's Mike Taibbi reports.

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Medical doctors check veteran Indian soc

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Laughter therapy
Laughter therapy

Dr. Funshine , aka Caroline Meeks, M.D. shares a moment with Thelma Howell as she teaches laughter therapy to a group of seniors at the Clairmont Friendship Center in San Diego, California November 17, 2010. It's a Monday morning at the Live Well center in San Diego and a group of seniors are skippi