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Kan. lawmakers see progress in budget talks

Kansas legislators negotiating over a $14 billion budget saw progress Tuesday toward resolving differences between the House and the Senate, and state funding for arts programs appeared likely to survive their discussions.Full story

Tax, spending divisions laid bare in public forums

Peter Cass could stand it no longer as he listened to the Republican congressman defend a plan to cut taxes and Medicare simultaneously. Full story

Alaska governor: I won't abuse veto authority

Gov. Sean Parnell told key senators Wednesday that he would fairly evaluate capital spending projects and not abuse his veto authority, assurances seen as positive as he and lawmakers try to untangle a budget mess. Full story

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Reid: Add deficit 'cap' to debt legislation

Barbour out, GOP ponders as 2012 field takes shape

Past House GOP tactic proves useless to Democrats

Daily Rundown: Where does House GOP stand on debt limit?

House GOP budget retains Dem Medicare cuts

Head of House GOP committee opposes budget deal

House GOP meeting on budget talks

TN teacher bargaining bill sent to Senate panel

House GOP seeks to end EPA climate regulations

Pa. House GOP wants more natural gas buses, trucks


  Guthrie: Budget talks take 'acrimonious' turn

As the countdown clock ticks away, NBC's Savannah Guthrie and NBC's Kelly O'Donnell join Morning Joe to discuss why the budget talks between the House GOP and Senate Dems broke down Thursday night and what that means for an agreement.