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'Bruno' lawsuit moved to DC Superior Court

A Palestinian man portrayed as a terrorist in the movie "Bruno" has taken his lawsuit to D.C. Superior Court after the defendants argued the federal court lacked jurisdiction. Full story

Letterman extortionist heads to jail

   The former CBS producer who attempted to extort David Letterman is expected to turn begin his six month jail sentence today.'s Courtney Hazlett reports.

Producer in Letterman plot starts jail term

The former CBS television producer who tried to shake down David Letterman over the comic icon's office affairs started a six-month jail term Tuesday. Full story

Effects of Letterman case hard to judge

Robert "Joe" Halderman thought he had a surefire plan to cash in: Pay him, or he'd ravage David Letterman's congenial image by revealing the late-night TV icon's office affairs. Full story

Letterman putting pieces of life back together

Late-night host says the scandal surrounding his workplace dalliances "knocked him down" and depressed him, but that he's hopeful life with his wife and young son can "even be better, in a different way." Full story

Letterman to visit ‘Live’ with Regis and Kelly

Late night will meet morning again when David Letterman drops in next week on "Live with Regis and Kelly." Full story

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Amanda Peet welcomes second daughter

Leno vs. Letterman

Kimmel and Letterman gang up on Leno

Leno earns strong ratings in return to late night

Letterman scandal ends, but can he beat Leno?

Producer pleads guilty in Letterman case

Jay Leno: ‘It’s good to be home’

Readers thrilled to have Leno back on ‘Tonight’

Don’t do it, Conan! Say no to Fox!

Great to see old friend, Leno says of Letterman


  Scoop: Oprah's nighttime show's Courtney Hazlett has the scoop on Oprah's upcoming primetime show, Kate Gosselin's new TV series, and Chris Rock's ribbing of David Letterman.

  Kimmel reflects on ‘sucker punching’ Leno

Jimmy Kimmel joins David Letterman on the “The Late Show” to joke about NBC’s late-night troubles.

  Letterman extortionist pleads guilty

Originally claiming it was a giant misunderstanding, former CBS News producer Robert "Joe” Halderman now admits to attempting to blackmail late night comedian David Letterman. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

  Legal battles of the stars

NBC’s chief legal analyst Dan Abrams, along with NBC’s Jeff Rossen and Janice Min,  former editor of US Weekly, weigh in on ongoing legal problems for such celebrities as David Letterman and Lindsay Lohan.

  Letterman blackmailer pleads guilty

Television producer Robert Halderman apologized to David Letterman when stating his guilty plea for attempting to extort money from the Late Show host in court on Tuesday. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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