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Chavez says allies met with Colombian rebels

President Hugo Chavez revealed for the first time on Sunday that some of his political allies have collaborated with Colombia's guerrillas in the past but he said he warned them to stop because it could give Washington an excuse to attack Venezuela.Full story

Venezuela's Chavez promotes new regional group

Hugo Chavez orders big minimum wage hike

Alleged FARC rebel deported by Venezuela

Wage hike expected to boost Venezuela's inflation

President Hugo Chavez's decision to increase the minimum wage 25 percent is expected to elevate Venezuela's already high inflation, economists and opposition lawmakers said Wednesday. Full story

Factbox: Venezuela's state takeovers under Chavez

Tough new Venezuelan taxes on windfall oil revenue are the latest offensive by socialist President Hugo Chavez to increase the state's share of the OPEC member's main export ahead of a re-election bid next year. Full story

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Venezuela leaving Andean Community trade pact

Rights watchdog: Activists harassed in Venezuela

Cocaine found on bus carrying Venezuelan militias

Venezuelan ex-prez wife insists homeland burial

Venezuela opposition to pick Chavez challenger

Chavez: No one can topple Venezuelan revolution

Colombia says rebel camps gone from Venezuela

Venezuela to deport suspected rebels

Colombia, Venezuela extend trade benefits, eye deal

Blackout hits much of Venezuela, gov't blames fire

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Handout photo released by the Venezuelan Presidency of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez raising his fist during a May Day rally in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 1, 2011. Chavez announced a plan to create more than three million jobs over the next eight years in Venezuela, where unemployment hovers arou