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UK museum urged to stay out of isolated Latam area

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Campaigners have urged London's Natural History Museum to halt a botanical research expedition to a remote area in Paraguay, warning it would be "like genocide" for isolated indigenous groups in the region.Full story

Religious Ceremony Forces Fish to Evolve or Die

Deep in a sulfur cave in southern Mexico, a group of indigenous people have for centuries asked their gods for bountiful rain by stunning the cave's fish with a natural plant toxin. Once the fish have succumbed, the Zoque people scoop them into baskets for eating. Now scientists are finding the anci Full story

Australia must tighten mining, racism laws: U.N.

Australia must tighten rules governing the behavior of its companies, especially mining firms, toward indigenous people at home and abroad, a United Nations human rights body said on Friday. Full story

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Bloodshed next over Amazon dam?

Indigenous immigrants counted for first time

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Sand dunes near the village of Stovepipe
Sand dunes near the village of Stovepipe

Death Valley, UNITED STATES: Sand dunes near the village of Stovepipe Wells is pictured 19 November 2006. Death Valley, the largest national park in the US, comprises more than 3.3 million acres of desert wilderness. Anthropologists estimate that roaming humans first settled in Death Valley roughly