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  Judge significantly invested in BP, oil stocks

Offshore drilling ban prudent and necessary

  Rachel Maddow talks with oil industry expert Bob Cavnar about whether a moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling would really be detrimental to the oil industry and whether there is any remaining oil spill response capacity in the event of another leak or spill.

A look at award-winning documentary 'Restrepo'

  Rachel Maddow shares clips from the award-winning documentary "Restrepo" and explains the movie's setting and context.

‘Restrepo’ filmmakers talk with Maddow

  Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington, the journalists behind the award-winning documentary "Restrepo" talk with Rachel Maddow about their movie and conditions and strategy in the war in Afghanistan.

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Paul distances himself from Libertarian Party

Audiotapes: Okla. City bomber Tim McVeigh

Air America Radio closing, filing for bankruptcy

The Rachel Maddow Show August 2009

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