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Police patrolling devastated Ala city under curfew

The looters come out at night. So does the curfew patrol.Full story

Volunteers roll through Tuscaloosa with supplies

Death toll rises in Alabama

Storms turn sports enemies into allies

Torn up in Tuscaloosa, but turning a corner

  Thanks to much-needed help from neighbors and volunteers the residents of Tuscaloosa are slowly but surely beginning the process of recovery. NBC's John Yang reports.

No class, no football? Twister ravages 'Bama

Most everyone in this college town has at least one crimson-colored University of Alabama shirt tucked in a dresser drawer. Students live both in dormitories and neighborhoods beside retirees, and "Roll Tide" is painted in fading red across the top of the city's biggest water tank. Full story

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Volunteers pitch in to help survivors of US storms

Twister outbreak is 2nd deadliest in US history

Rescuers crippled by worst twisters since '25

Tornadoes inflict grim toll on Alabama children

Tornado survivors had minutes to seek refuge

Survivors: Saved by tanning bed, hit by flying Jeep

Monster twister leaves ruin in Alabama college town

Tuscaloosa hospital aids over 600 twister victims

A rare sideways tornado is captured on video

Tornado Outbreak Likely Deadliest Since 1974


  Survivors: Tornado hit in a flash

NBC's Charles Hadlock reports from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where tornado survivors are telling stories of heartbreaking loss.

  Grim report as tornado death toll rises

Search teams comb through piles of destruction in portions of Alabama after massive tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham earlier this week. NBC's Lester Holt reports.

  Storm survivors take stock of belongings

NBC's Lester Holt reports from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where damage left behind by massive tornadoes stretches for miles.

  Tornado endangers Tuscaloosa hospital

Dateline NBC’s Keith Morrison reports from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where Dr. David Hinton recounts the ‘scariest thing in my life’. Hinton and other Tuscaloosa residents have begun to pick up the pieces left by the tornadoes’ destruction.

  April 29: Nightly News Friday broadcast

Surveying Alabama's tornado-ravaged landscape; In hard-hit Tuscaloosa, survivors take stock; Tragedy decimates a small town; Hungry to help, volunteers swarm South; Just married: Will and Kate celebrate; April storms break weather records; Epic events share world stage

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Alabama Still Reeling From Disastrous Tornado Outbreak
Alabama Still Reeling From Disastrous Tornado Outbreak

HOLT, AL - MAY 02: Tuscaloosa firefighters search therough the rubble after a cadaver dog indicated the presence of a body on May 2, 2011 in Holt, Alabama. Alabama, the hardest-hit of six states, is reported to have been battered with at least an EF-4 rated tornado with the death toll across the So