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Wall Street will still be sweating commodities

Investors head into this week with added worries about the sustainability of the recent rally and a desire to reduce risk, as shown by the stampede out of commodities on Thursday. Full story

Movers roundup: Metabolix, Timberland

Among the stock activity stories for Friday, May 6, from the Associated Press: Full story

For CEOs, the pay just keeps climbing

CEOs at the nation's largest companies were paid better last year than they were in 2007, when the economy was booming, the stock market set a record high and unemployment was roughly half what it is today. Full story

Best paid CEOs of 2009: Where are they now?

Here is a glance at the executives who made the AP's list of best-paid CEOs for 2009, and where they are now. Full story

Playing the Selloff

   How to play a rebounding stock market after yesterday's commodities' sell off, with Raymond Carbone, Paramount Options; Craig Columbus, Advanced Equities Asset Management; and Todd Colvin, MF Global.

Best Consumer Stocks to Buy

   Discussing whether consumer staple stocks are a play here, now that oil prices are sinking. Linda Bolton-Weiser, Caris & Co., and CNBC's Brian Shactman weigh in.

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Flash crash questions linger a year after plunge


  Egypt: What Investors Need to Know

Angus Blair of Beltone Financial tells CNBC what investors should know about the political unrest in Egypt. Peter Kenny of Knight Equities and Andre Julian of OpVest weigh in.

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