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  Blue Dog Dem on Tax Cuts

Conservative Dems to block health bill?

  Nov. 6: Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor, a member of the Blue Dog Democrats, joins a Morning Meeting panel to discuss the looming House vote on health care, as well as his intention to vote “no” on the legislation.

Unemployment to impact health vote?

  Nov. 6: David Gregory, moderator of "Meet the Press," and presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin join the Morning Joe gang to discuss the U.S. jobless rate as the House prepares to vote on health care legislation.

Pelosi: ‘We won last night’

  Nov. 5: Katty Kay of the BBC joins the Morning Joe gang to discuss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Democrats came out on top in the off-year elections despite losses in Virginia and New Jersey.

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  Murphy: Obama faces a 'new calculus'

Nov. 4: The Morning Joe rountable considers the implications of yesterday's election results.

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