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Faithful give thanks for John Paul beatification

Tens of thousands of Catholic faithful have filled St. Peter's Square for a Mass of thanksgiving for the beatification of John Paul II. Full story

Human rights crisis escalates in Libya

   Tens of thousands of people are trapped in Misrata and other towns following more than a month of fighting which has killed at least 300 and injured upwards of 1,000, including many children. ITN’s Emma Murphy reports

Analysis: Data breach shows new "spear-phishing" risk

Tens of millions of customers and employees of major banks, hotels and retailers are now at risk of "spear-phishing" attacks after hackers stole their email addresses in what may become one of the biggest data breaches ever, security experts warned. Full story

Federal funding needed for bridge repairs: study

Tens of thousands of bridges in the United States need major repair or replacement, and maintenance backlogs are growing amid tight federal and state budgets, according to a report released on Wednesday. Full story

Study questions benefit of home knee electrotherapy

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A therapy that delivers low-intensity electrical stimulation to arthritic knee joints may not be an effective way to ease pain and stiffness, a small clinical trial suggests. Full story

Albanians hold new anti-government protest

Tens of thousands of Albanian opposition supporters marched peacefully through the capital Friday to demand that the government resigns over corruption allegations. Full story

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Tens of prisoners shot in Tunisia jail escape


  Jaws! Hungry sharks swarm Florida shores

Tens of thousands of sharks can be seen swarming just 50 yards from the shore near a popular diving spot in the Sunshine State. TODAY’s Ann Curry has more details.

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A giant portrait of Pope John Paul II is unveiled at the entrance of the God's Providence Temple in the Wilanow district of Warsaw on May 1, 2011. The portrait, consisting of over 100,000 small photographs, was unveiled following a public viewing of the beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II. T


A man holds a cross decorated with a Polish flag in Warsaw's Pilsudski square on May 1, 2011 during a public viewing of the beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II. Tens of thousands of faithful braved rain across Poland on May 1 to fete the Vatican's beatification of Pope John Paul II, still re