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Adobe fixes serious security flaws in software

You might not be aware of it, but online criminals frequently exploit bugs in Adobe's PDF-viewing programs on your computer to launch crafty cyberattacks that give them access to your sensitive information. Adobe Thursday issued security updates for Reader and Acrobat. Full story

PDFs are now No. 1 vehicle for web-based attacks

When cyber bad guys started sending viruses and Trojans through e-mail, the common wisdom was to never trust an unverified Microsoft document, but that Portable Document Formats were always safe. Full story

Security breach in iPhone 4 Safari browser

The first jailbreak for the iPhone 4 was just barely released, but it has already drawn attention to a serious flaw in iPhone 4 security that allows a website to take over an iPhone just by loading a PDF file. Full story

Gulf spill paymaster defends progress on claims

The paymaster managing the claims in the Gulf oil disaster agrees that things aren’t working as well as he hoped, but says he’s working on changes. A special report from Pro Publica. Full story

Apple's iPhone security fix will block hackers

Apple has released a security patch to block hackers from gaining access to any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the latest versions of their mobile operating system. Full story

Security breach gives complete access to iPhone

Right now, if you visit a web page and load a simple PDF file, you may give total control of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to a hacker. The security bug affects all iOS 4 devices and the iPad. Full story

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