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Bill to finance UNL Innovation Campus stirs debate

Lawmakers advanced a proposed $25 million investment in a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research campus Monday despite the objections of some legislators who asked why project officials needed the money right away. Full story

Nebraska winner-take-all electoral vote system debated

Nebraska will return to a winner-take-all electoral vote system if the state's Republican lawmakers get their way. Full story

Ogling by Men Subtracts from Women's Math Scores

Getting the once-over from a man causes women to score lower on a math test, a new study finds. Full story

Global food chain stretched to the limit

Rising demand and bad weather have stretched the global food supply chain to the limit, sending prices soaring and sparking concerns about social unrest in developing countries. Full story

Political Leanings Revealed by the Eyes

It may be time to take the phrase "political viewpoint" literally. A new study suggests that liberals are more likely than conservatives to follow other people's eye movements. Full story

Why Bully Victims Suffer in Silence

From the time she started school through sixth grade, Trish McClune was bullied. Kids called her "Tissue" and wiped their noses on her clothes. Once, her best friend punched her. Even her cousins and sister got in on the game, forming "WHEAT" — the "We Hate Everything About Trish Club." Full story

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