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CEO is stepping down from beleaguered GMAC

GMAC Financial Services says CEO Alvaro de Molina is stepping down and will be replaced by board member Michael A. Carpenter. Full story

GMAC CEO to Step Down

   CNBC's Mary Thompson has the details on the WSJ reporting GMAC's CEO, Alvaro de Molina will step down.

Fed: GMAC will still need more bailout money

The Federal Reserve says GMAC is the only one of 19 stress-tested U.S. banks that needs more capital to withstand a future downturn. Full story

You’ve seen the TV ads. So what’s Ally Bank?

Ally Bank's advertising tactics have drawn in customers, but they've also irked rivals and gotten the attention of regulators. And here's why. Full story

GMAC Financial Services 3Q loss narrows

GMAC Financial Services, the main lender for General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC, said Wednesday its loss narrowed to $767 million in the third quarter. Full story

Treasury, GMAC in talks for more aid

GMAC, the former lending arm of General Motors Co., is in talks with the Treasury Department for a third injection of taxpayer aid. Full story

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