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  Forget touchscreens: Now everything can be an interface

Highmark, CMU touts expanded medical partnership

Health insurer Highmark Inc. and Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University are extending their partnership in a lab meant to improve health care through science and engineering. Full story

Harry Potter Meets High-Tech in Surveillance Tracking System

Harry Potter fans, take heed. New surveillance software that can track the whereabouts of over a dozen people at the same time is providing researchers with their own Marauder's Map, allowing them to monitor the comings and goings of subjects in indoor settings nearly as complex as Hogwart's. Full story

How to Manage Your Business Partner

Disagreements and hurt feelings between co-founders can sink a company before it starts. Here are four strategies to set the relationship up for success. Full story

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Carnegie Mellon's Chimp robot is reporting for duty, sir

New clue shows who may catch a cold

Carnegie Mellon seeks triple damages in Marvell patent case

Global GPS Infrastructure 'Vulnerable to Attack'

Drone Sub-Hunter to Patrol Seas

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Barack Obama

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