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Jewish community given back books stolen by Nazis

Recently rediscovered books plundered by the Nazis more than six decades ago were returned to Berlin's Jewish community on Wednesday in a ceremony at the city's landmark synagogue.Full story

Poland's Jews celebrate reopening of synagogue

Jewish leaders and foreign dignitaries have gathered to celebrate the reopening of an important Renaissance synagogue in Poland. Full story

Romania's Jewish community buries WW2 victims

Romania's Jewish community buried on Monday the remains of dozens of Jews killed by Romanian troops during World War Two and found in a mass grave in the north of the country. Full story

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Pa. Lutheran college hot among Jewish students

Vandalism mars Hanukkah in Ind. college town

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Claudia Lux , director of the Central and Regional Library Berlin, shows a Jewish youth calendar from the year 1931 to Lala Suesskind, chairwoman of Berlin's Jewish Community, on April 13, 2011 at the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin. Berlin's state library handed back 13 books stolen by the Nazis to the

Alina Treiger, Modern Germany's First Ordained Woman Rabbi
Alina Treiger, Modern Germany's First Ordained Woman Rabbi

OLDENBURG, GERMANY - MARCH 27: Guests and local Jewish community members congratulate Rabbi Alina Treiger after her official confirmation ceremony as community rabbi on March 27, 2011 in Oldenburg, Germany. Treiger is Germany's first female rabbi to be ordained in Germany since World War II. Origin