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  Bin Laden and the global war on terror

May 2: Nightly News Monday broadcast

  Mission accomplished: The end of bin Laden; Inside the Situation Room: 'We got him'; Americans celebrate triumph over bin Laden ; NYPD prepares for possible retaliation; Pakistan's credibility questioned; Wither the global war on terror; NY firefighters remember fallen comrades; President Obama prai

Schultz: Details surrounded bin Laden’s death

  Msnbc’s Ed Schultz claims President Barack Obama showed the world he’s “serious” about fighting the war on terror.

Intel obtained at Gitmo aided the US

  Ret. General Barry McCaffrey calls Guantanamo Bay of “the best run correctional facilities” and explains why much of the intelligence collected at the prison helps keep America safe.

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  Fallen soldier’s mom: NFL son was ‘propaganda tool’

There's a new documentary that focuses on the death of pro football star-turned-soldier Pat Tillman, killed in the mountains of Afghanistan. Pat’s mother, Dannie Tillman, says the film is an educational piece that shows how the U.S. military used her athlete son as a “propaganda tool” for the war on

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