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S&P cuts Japan sovereign rating outlook on quake costs

Standard and Poor's threatened to cut Japan's sovereign credit rating again, warning the huge cost of last month's devastating earthquake will hurt already weak public finances unless bickering politicians can agree to raise taxes. Full story

Sweden sees public finance surplus in 2011

Sweden has upgraded its economic growth forecast and says a surplus in public finances this year could leave room for tax cuts in 2012. Full story

Nightmare on Main Street

   Muni-bonds are facing some concerns. Insight with Robert Kurtter, Moody's public finance managing director.

Japan government meets budget targets but faces hurdles

By Tetsushi Kajimoto and Rie Ishiguro Full story

Irish taxpayers fume bailout is for the elite

Ireland's international bailout relieved investors Monday, but outraged many across the country who say it unjustly burdens average taxpayers for the mistakes of a rich elite. Full story

Women: Bank fired more females during slump

   Five former employees and one current staffer are accusing financial powerhouse Citigroup of firing more women than men in layoffs carried out during the recession. The women behind the claim speak with

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NYT: Ireland struggles with high cost of austerity

France to raise retirement age from 60 to 62

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