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Guns bills approved by Fla. Senate

The Florida Senate on Thursday, by a succession of mostly party-line votes, approved a trio of bills that supporters say will ensure citizens' constitutionally-protected gun rights. Full story

Fla. House approves bill on doctors' gun talk

A bill sparked by a pediatrician who told a mother to find another doctor when she refused to answer questions about guns in her home has passed the Florida House on Tuesday. Full story

Chicago police concerned about conceal-carry bill

Chicago police joined gun control groups Wednesday to voice concerns about flaws in Illinois' mental health screening system for would-be gun owners, problems that could be amplified with passage of a bill to allow permits for carrying concealed firearms. Full story

America’s often violent relationship with guns

   Colin Goddard, who was shot four times in a Virginia Tech classroom, talks about the new HBO documentary “Gun Right,” which looks at the issue of gun control and gun violence from all sides of the debate.

Developing strong gun control laws

   Author Ron Reagan and Colin Goodard of the Brady Campaign debate why gun control hasn’t become a higher legislative priority, especially after the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords, D-Ariz.

Bradys work to strengthen gun control laws

   Former Reagan press secretary James Brady and his wife, Sarah, talk about their crusade for more sensible gun control laws, 30 years after he was shot during an assassination attempt on former President Reagan.

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