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Troubleshooter: Is a 'natural cause' a pre-existing condition?

When Cheryl Ellis' mother dies unexpectedly before her vacation, she's told by her insurance company to cancel her trip and that the claim will be taken care of. But it isn't. Full story

Does trip insurance cover volcanic eruptions?

Pain in the ash: Thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands, of air travelers are calling their insurance companies in the aftermath of this natural disaster to find out if they’re covered. Full story

Flying while sick

   Nov. 18: Socially-responsible travelers who want to spare their fellow travelers from illness often face financial hurdles. Should the airlines do more to help? Dr. Nancy reports.

Caribbean cruise, 7 nights, from $539

This 7-night Carnival cruise stops in the Bahamas, the U.S.V.I., Puerto Rico, and Turks and Caicos. Plus, it includes all meals and beverages and complimentary travel insurance. Full story

How to vaccinate your next cruise vacation

With the outbreak of the swine flu dominating headlines, many are putting cruise travel on the backburner. Still, there is a way to cruise and safely protect your vacation investment. Full story

Tips for traveling safely during flu season

Here are some questions and answers about travel insurance, basic hygiene, and other aspects of traveling during the swine flu outbreak. Full story

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Top tips for buying travel insurance

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