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  Zimmerman trial juror speaks out

Kornacki: Martin case hearkens back to Rodney King

  Steve Kornacki asks if the killing of Trayvon Martin part of a continuation of a pattern of civil rights failures at a local level, then discusses with Marc Morial, Maya Wiley, Seema Iyer, and Charnelle Herring.

Can we really protect the public and our privacy?

  Melissa Harris-Perry’s panelists talk about the news reported from the Guardian and the Washington Post that the NSA has been secretly collecting phone information and digital data.

After manhunt, L.A. police again have an image problem

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Los Angeles' police chief promised an investigation. City residents promised a protest. Full story

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Rodney King
Rodney King

In this dated April 30, 2012 filed photo shows Rodney King speaking with fans before presenting his autobiographical book 'The Riot Within...My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption' at the Eso Won Book Store in Los Angeles, California. Rodney King, whose beating by police in 1992 sparked one of th