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Officials: Afghan, Pakistan border clash kills 1

Afghan border guards fired mortar shells toward a Pakistani military post in a northwestern tribal region on Wednesday, killing a soldier and wounding two others, a Pakistani government official said. Full story

U.S. doubts Pakistan's plan to defeat Taliban: report

Pakistan lacks a robust plan to defeat Taliban militants and its security forces struggle to hold areas cleared of the al Qaeda-linked fighters at great cost, according to U.S. report released on Tuesday. Full story

Attacks down almost 20 percent in Pakistan

The number of suicide bombings and other attacks in Pakistan declined nearly 20 percent last year as a result of Pakistani military operations and better surveillance by law enforcement agencies, a think tank says. Full story

Pakistan border region becomes terror center

The wilds of North Waziristan, on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, have become a crossroads for terrorism. The United States is pushing Pakistan to mount an offensive there before the year is out, but Pakistan is saying it won't be rushed. Full story

U.S. to fund Pakistan military, but withhold some assistance

The Obama administration wants to give $2 billion in military assistance to Pakistan, . However, the U.S. will withhold funding from some Pakistani military units because of allegations of extra-judicial killings and torture. Full story

Tensions ratchet up in Pakistan

   Twin explosions at a shrine in Karachi are the latest sign of increasing violence and unrest inside Pakistan. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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Factbox: Challenges of mountain warfare in Pakistan


  Attacks cap week marked by tension with Pakistan

NBC’s Lester Holt speaks with NBC’s John Yang.

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