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3-D videos show how plant roots navigate

New 3-D videos showing how plant roots navigate their environment could help to improve crop growth in areas with difficult soil conditions.Full story

Does High-Frequency Trading Make More Efficient Markets?

  CNBC's Rick Santelli talks with Maureen O'Hara, Cornell University, about whether high-frequency trading helps make markets more efficient.

Stinking corpse flower alive and well on Web

A rare — and stinky — corpse flower is blooming now at Cornell University, and those who are curious can watch, though sadly (or maybe happily) not smell, the spectacle on a live Web stream. Full story

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Lawrence Bonassar
Lawrence Bonassar

This handout photo provided by Cornell University, taken Feb. 13, 2013, shows Cornell University biomedical engineer Lawrence Bonassar holding the scaffolding for an ear his laboratory is creating using a 3-D printer and cartilage-producing cells. Printing out body parts? Cornell University research

HI-SEAS finalists
HI-SEAS finalists

Cornell University chef Rupert Spies works with finalists for the HI-SEAS simulated space mission during a training session last month.