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  Black River levee losing battle against Mother Nature

River sweeps bus off Colombian highway, 16 dead

Authorities say a river swollen with heavy rains swept a passenger bus off a highway in Colombia's mountainous northwest, killing at least 16 people and leaving four others missing. Full story

Wild fires break out again in Oklahoma

Another outbreak of wild fires blackened the skies over Oklahoma on Wednesday as the state continued to cope with drought conditions. Full story

Tax tip: Document donations

If you used a text message to send cash to the Red Cross after the Haiti earthquake, or donated credit card points for relief efforts after the temblor in Chile, you may claim those donations on your 2010 tax return like any other charitable offering. Full story

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Armenia and Azerbaijan exchange prisoners

Tips to avoid Japan earthquake phishing scams

Red Crescent: Migrants blocked from leaving Libya

WikiLeaks: India accused of widespread torture

NYT: Afghan army mission turns into debacle

Red Cross: Haiti struggling 4 months after quake


  Red Cross Responds

Coralie Matayoshi, Red Cross Hawaii, discusses the Red Cross' preparations to keep people safe.

  Humanitarian response to Japan's crisis

NBC's Anne Thompson tells TODAY's Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry and Al Roker about the involvement of the Red Cross in Japan and the humanitarian response expected from others around the world.

  Gadhafi troops pound oil hubs

In Libya, Gadhafi forces are pounding the oil town of Ras Lanuf and there is bombing in Brega. The International Red Cross says the growing influx of the injured into hospitals is proof they say, the country is in the grip of a civil war. ITV's Sally Biddulph reports.

  Red Cross sees red over "Robin Hood" stealing emblem

A Glasgow theater production used a red cross on a nurse's costume, which drew the ire of the British Red Cross. The humanitarian organization says the use of the emblem has breached the Geneva Convention and warned the producers of 'Robin Hood' grave consequences could follow. ITV's Sejal Karia rep

  Haiti six months after the quake

In less than a minute half a year ago Haiti was rocked into chaos and ruin by a massive earthquake. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports from Port-Au-Prince, where the devastation  from the quake is still being felt today.

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Volunteers at the collapsed Alberta Elementary School receive meals and water from the Red Cross in the Alberta City neighbourhood of Tuscaloosa, Alabama May 1, 2011. Grieving storm survivors turned to prayer and the good grace of volunteers Sunday across the US south as shattered communities looked