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  Lt. Gov. Newsom on Obama, state of CA

Wife of IU professor killed in California crash

Palo Alto, CA - The wife of a prominent IU professor was killed in a train crash in California. Full story

Woman Killed in Caltrain Crash

One woman was killed when a northbound Caltrain struck a car stopped on the tracks at Charleston Road near Alma Street in Palo Alto at around 5 p.m. Friday.Service was brought to a standstill at one... Full story

Starting Up: A Generation of Zuckerberg Wannabees

[Bloomberg] -- The Facebook application High School Memories lets people share recollections of their teenage years. It might surprise some users to learn that the app's creator isn't old enough for high school himself. Full story

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Reuters: UPDATE 1-Facebook now wants a say in computer hardware

Feds Propose Universal Internet “Driver’s License”

Huge solar explosions can rock the entire sun

Former President Fields Questions at Facebook HQ


  Facebook’s ‘frat-house’ days

TODAY’s Lester Holt reports on the beginnings of the social-networking giant in a small apartment in Palo Alto, Calif. Napster’s Sean Parker recalls the company being “run like a frat house.”

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Apple Debuts White Version Of Its Popular iPhone
Apple Debuts White Version Of Its Popular iPhone

PALO ALTO, CA - APRIL 28: The new white iPhone 4 is displayed at the Apple store April 28, 2011 in Palo Alto, California. The long awaited white iPhone, first announced in June of 2010, went on sale worldwide for the first time today.