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New Mexico woman killed in attack by 4 dogs

A woman from Truth or Consequences died after being attacked by a pit bull and three pit bull mix dogs while taking a walk in her neighborhood Easter Sunday, New Mexico authorities said. Full story

Woman mauled to death by pit bulls in New Mexico

A woman has been mauled to death by a pack of four pit bulls in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, authorities said on Monday. Full story

Pit bull abandoned in US gains worldwide following

When an emaciated pit bull found at the bottom of a trash chute in New Jersey was rushed to a veterinary emergency room last month, doctors there thought he would be dead within the hour. Full story

Training, not nature, causes pet bullies

The majority of American pet owners believe a well-trained dog is safe — even if it comes from one of the "bully breeds." Full story

Pit bull sniffs out nut order

   Layla, the pit bull is learning how to sniff out areas for the odor she was trained to detect: peanuts. KNSD's Steven Luke reports.

Blind kids get a helping paws from pit bulls

   Pit bulls, a breed often associated with uncontrollable aggression, are proving that they can be loving and protective companions for handicapped children. TODAY’s animal advocate Jill Rappaport reports.

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  Woman, 97, says kitty saved her life

A 97-year-old Michigan woman says her pet cat saved her from four attacking pit bulls. WPBN-TV's Laruen Amstutz reports.

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