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Hacked iTunes Store Accounts: Apple's Problem That Won't Go Away

  Apple's iTunes Store is a fantastic success, with billions of songs and apps sold and, as Steve Jobs said in March, more than 200 million registered accounts. Full story

Bushels of "Smurfberries" cost buckets of cash

"The Smurfs' Village," a game for the iPhone and other Apple gadgets, was released a month ago and quickly became the highest-grossing application in the iTunes store. Yet it's free to download. Full story

iTunes users are the app's big security flaw

iTunes users are the app's big security flaw. Here's what you need to know in order to keep yourself and your iTunes account safe. Full story

Apple says iTunes Store hack damage minimal

Apple is saying a hack last weekend of its iTunes Store  was no big deal. Four hundred accounts equals 0.0003 percent of the over 150 million iTunes account holders, the company says. Full story

Reports: App Store, iTunes accounts hacked

A rogue Vietnamese developer reportedly hacked into iTunes accounts and gamed the Books category in the Apple App Store to artificially inflate the ratings and sales for his book apps, according to website reports. Full story

Steve Jobs makes appearance at Apple event

The Apple CEO returned Wednesday to the showman role that has helped define his company leadership, taking the stage for the first time since his medical leave. Full story

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