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Female lawmaker accuses UK's Cameron of sexism

A sexist throwback to the Conservative Party's reputation as an exclusive white men's club, or an innocent political jibe? Full story

Gov. Brewer’s surprise

   Arizona's Conservative Governor Jan Brewer -- one of the driving forces behind the nation's harshest immigration law -- vetoes back-to-back bills. Howie Fischer, Chief Correspondent for Capitol Media Services in Phoenix, joins The Last Word.

British prime minister calls for immigration curbs

Britain must cut immigration dramatically to ease social strain, Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday, telling supporters the influx of newcomers was putting serious pressure on some communities. Full story

Mo. tea party groups rally on taxes, spending

Conservative commentator Herman Cain, who is considering a run for president, told people rallying at the Missouri Capitol on Tuesday that the U.S. has become a "nation of crises" under President Barack Obama. Full story

France's governing party debates secularism

President Nicolas Sarkozy's governing conservative party held a politically charged conference Tuesday on ways to strengthen secularism in French society, amid worries that it would stigmatize France's millions of Muslims. Full story

UK coalition puts brake on NHS reform

Britain's coalition government said on Monday it would slow the pace of a radical shake up of the state-funded National Health Service, reflecting growing unease over the issue within the ruling alliance. Full story

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London protesters clash with police

Scandal-hit Berlusconi to present "growth plan"

UK plans sweeping reform of public healthcare

Ministers' gaffes show tensions in British coalition

U.K. students clash with police in London

Violence erupts as British students protest fee hikes

Lazio drops out of NY governor's race

How tragedy transformed U.K.’s Cameron

Cameron as Brit PM could change U.S. ties

Ethnic Albanians rally in Macedonia


  Beck: Day 'has nothing to do with politics'

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck says, "This day has nothing to do with politics," at his "Restoring Honor" rally, held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

  Thousands expected at Glen Beck rally

Conservative commentator Glen Beck plans to go ahead with his controversial civil rights rally in Washington today despite criticism that it disrespects the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech 47 years ago to the day. NBC’s Tom Costello reports

  Righties Are Praying On Fear!

24% of Americans think Obama is Muslim. Cenk Uygur blames Conservative talkers for scare-mongering the public to hate Muslims and linking President Obama to it all. Congressman Alan Grayson explains why Democrats need to fight back!

  Blogger: White House threw Sherrod 'under the bus'

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart talks to NBC's Mara Schicavocampo about the ouster of USDA official Shirley Sherrod.

  Fireworks Over gay pride parade

Conservative group protests Cincinnati's July 4th Gay Pride Parade. WLWT's Laura Borchers reports.

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper celebrates his Conservative majority government with a kiss from his wife Laureen.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper celebrates his Conservative majority government with a kiss from his wife Laureen.

epa02714841 Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper celebrates his Conservative majority government with a kiss from his wife Laureen, at election headquarters on Canadian federal election day in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 02 May 2011. EPA/MIKE STURK


Conservative leader Stephen Harper and daughter Rachel


Conservative supporters react to the projection of a Conservative majority government at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta, May 2, 2011. Stephen Harper has been re-elected prime minister at the head of a majority Conservative government, television projections indicated Monday.