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  'Hemp is a plant that's beneficial'

Mexico battles proliferation of drug language

There are a half dozen words for drug cartel informants, and double that for drug war dead. "Narco" has become a general prefix. The trend has people worrying that Mexico is developing a kind of offhand jargon that anesthetizes people by making escalating violence seem routine. Full story

Preview: 'Inside Mexico's Drug War'

  Chris Hansen goes deep inside Mexico's drug war. With exclusive access, he goes on a secret mission, investigates the violence in Juarez and tells the story of a hit man who has been living a double life.  'Inside Mexico's Drug War' airs Sunday, April 17th, at 7pm/6c.

Mexican leader slams U.S. coordination in drug war

President Felipe Calderon has rejected accusations that a lack of coordination in Mexico is undermining his fight against drug cartels, saying the real culprit is the rivalry within U.S. intelligence agencies. Full story

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Factbox: Mexican drug trafficking suspects still at large

Armored car sales jump as drug war batters Mexico

Peru army chief denies U.S. cable about drug links

Drug war refugees return to Mexican town

Despite warnings, Mexico still draws Americans

Tijuana tries image makeover amid drug war

Drug war sends stray bullets across the border

Unguarded border bridges could be path to U.S.

Narco-blogger beats Mexico drug war news blackout

Drug war casts pall on Mexican elections


  Drug war causing armored car market to flourish

As Mexico's drug war escalates the demand for armored cars is growing at a rapid rate. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera takes a look at a Utah company that has seen its business skyrocket as a result of the violence.

  FBI probes deadly Mexico border shooting

The shooting death of a Mexican teenager by U.S. Border Patrol agents has once again put the issue of security amid an increasingly violent drug war into sharp focus. NBC's Miguel Almaguer reports.

  Mexico's drug war weapons mostly from U.S.

The War Next Door: Most of the thousands of weapons fueling Mexico's brutally violent drug war are bought in the U.S.A. NBC's Mark Potter reports.

  Dec. 13: Nightly News Monday broadcast

One nation, under snow; Hard freeze threatens Florida crops; Floods wreak havoc on West Coast; 'Obamacare' gets discouraging second opinion; Tax bill passes first Senate hurdle; Mexico's drug war weapons mostly U.S.-made; Meteor shower spectacle expected; Battle of the bulge: Army fights weight prob

  Texas lake attack linked to Mexican drug war?

As the U.S. cautions citizens about European travel, a more serious warning remains in place for Mexico, where a drug war has led to a surge in violence, especially along the border. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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  Mexico's drug war, drug culture

Mexico's drug war is also part of a drug culture with roots in music, movies and even religion

  Mexico violence

Mexican cartels are using firearms bought in the United States to wage an escalating drug war that has claimed nearly 30,000 lives since late 2006.