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Professor in sex sting accused of luring underage girl

An assistant college professor was in a federal jail on Wednesday after he went to Philadelphia airport to meet a mother and her young daughter for what he thought was a sex deal. It was an FBI deal. Full story

Abortion clinics cornered

   After the murder of Dr. Tiller, the battle over abortion is festering again in Kansas. Jeff Peterson, Kansas City's Aid for Women manager, and Melissa Harris-Perry, Associate Professor of Politics and African-American studies at Princeton, join the show.

Dogs guided remotely can take on risky tasks

Trained dogs are smart enough to find bombs, drugs, people, and the safest way to cross the street -- but only with a capable handler nearby. Now a new system developed at Auburn University could turn canines into remotely guided "super dogs" that can take on risky tasks. Full story

'Poo-Gloo' devices digest sewage

New igloo-shaped devices, affectionately known as Poo-Gloos, are offering an affordable way for small communities to upgrade their wastewater treatment systems. Full story

New GOP scapegoat: public workers

   Dorian Warren, assistant professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, sorts fact from shameless scapegoat politics in the latest round of Republican demonizing of public sector workers like teachers and firefighters.

Schools, lawmakers cut sabbaticals to trim costs

Under pressure to cut costs, state universities and lawmakers across the nation are going after one of the oldest traditions in the academic world: the professor's cherished sabbatical. Full story

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Money can buy happiness — or at least one kind


  Go shoeless, professor says

Daniel Howell, an associate professor at Liberty University, talks to the TODAY hosts about his new book, "The Barefoot Book: 50 Great Reasons to Kick Off Your Shoes."

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