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  Hollywood’s Cameron tackles crisis in Gulf

James Cameron: Oil spill 'very complicated job'

  Award-winning film-maker James Cameron, who has worked with underwater technology for his movies, talks to Morning Joe about his involvement in resolving the Gulf oil spill.

James Cameron on the oil spill

  Director James Cameron offered his expertise in underwater technology to federal officials in the Gulf. He shares his thoughts on the oil spill with Hardball, then Buck Lee, executive director of the Santa Rosa Island Authority, joins the show from Pensacola, Fla.

‘Titanic’ director Cameron calls BP ‘morons’

Film director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron said on Wednesday that BP Plc turned down his offer to help combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Full story

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Director James Cameron says BP turned down help offer

"Titanic" director Cameron brainstorms on oil spill

James Cameron asked for insight on oil spill

3-D entering new dimension as expectations rise

James Cameron: 3-D will become standard format

Cameron helping build 3-D camera for Mars rover

‘Avatar 2’ will head to the oceans, Cameron says

'Avatar' director says 3-D will come to mobile

‘Avatar’ out on DVD April 22, but not in 3-D

How did David slay Goliath at Oscars?


  Cameron to advise on oil spill

In today's news you can't use, director James Cameron heads to Washington to help terminate the Gulf oil leak, and Larry King and Lady Gaga start a bad romance.

  Cameron to help in Gulf

The government asked James Cameron to help resolve the Gulf oil crisis, based on his experience filming underwater and building submersibles for movies like 'Titanic.'

  Cameron on how to take care of the planet

Director James Cameron expresses his concern about protecting the environment.

  Michelle Rodriguez: Cameron tells a good story

Dec. 18: Actress talks about how beyond all the technology James Cameron uses to create his movies, he knows how to tell a great story.

  Avatar & the White House

Discussing his meeting with the President and his agenda, with James Cameron, Avatar director.

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Cameron and Bolden
Cameron and Bolden

Film director James Cameron, left, meets with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden at the agency's Washington headquarters in January.

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Meet the characters and marvel at the majestic scenery of James Cameron’s stunning sci-fi epic.