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SAIC wins order from Navy for research program

Science Applications International Corp. said Thursday it was awarded a task order by the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center to develop a scientific research program for the Department of Defense. Full story

Genetics is "Top of the Pops" in science research

Genetics is still the hottest area of scientific research, a decade on from the mapping of the human genome, despite slow progress in translating discoveries into new medical treatments. Full story

Family finance: Fibs could mean big trouble

Research shows that roughly a third of couples admit to lying to their spouse or partner about money at some point. Many married couples might suggest that figure is low. Full story

New Secrets of Huge Soviet Moon Rocket Revealed

Research that digs back over the decades is providing an illuminating look at the former Soviet Union’s failed bid to send cosmonauts to the moon. Full story

Hand splints may ease arthritis pain

Hand splints to steady achy joints may ease the pain for people who suffer from degenerative arthritis, the most common joint disorder. Full story

Johnson & Johnson To Open Lower

   Johnson & Johnson reporting earnings in line with expectations, with Jan Wald, Noble Research analyst.

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No family link seen between Parkinson's, melanoma

7th-graders discover mysterious cave on Mars


  Sigmund Freud of Investing

Using academic research in psychology to figure out what the markets are doing next, with Chris Blum, J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt.

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