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Syria resorts to intimidation, threats

Facing international condemnation for its bloody crackdown on protesters, the Syrian regime is expanding an intimidation campaign to keep people off the streets, according to human rights activists.Full story

France, Germany seek EU sanctions on Syria leaders

Paris and Berlin said on Tuesday they were seeking the imposition of European Union sanctions on Syrian leaders including President Bashar al-Assad in response to the violent suppression of pro-democracy protests. Full story

Syrian forces deploy in Banias: protest leader

Syrian forces and gunmen loyal to President Bashar al-Assad moved Tuesday into areas of Banias city center that has been under the control of pro-democracy demonstrators for weeks, a protest leader said. Full story

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Syrian army conducts widespread raids, arrests

Teenagers' blood flows in video from Syrian city

Protests follow Syrian army attack on mosque

US toughens sanctions against Syria

Report: Syrian army units clash with each other

Turkey urges Syria to stop crackdown

Analysis: Syria falls back on fear to quell revolt

McCain: No military solution to Syria crisis

Israel anticipates change in Syria

US says Iran is supporting Syria crackdown


  Americans urged to leave Syria amid violence

Former member of the National Security Council, Mark Brzezinski, joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest in Syria. Led by President Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian government has mounted a brutal crackdown on pro-reform demonstrators who want al-Assad removed from office.

  McCain: Syria's leader a 'brutal dictator'

United States lawmakers are debating what to do about Syria, as its leader continues to attack his own people. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says he hopes the situation in Syria "resolves any illusions" about Syrian leader Bashar Assad being a "reformer."

  Dissident: Syrians will rise again and again

Ribal al-Assad, a democracy activist and cousin of President Bashar al-Assad, fears the country will fall into civil war if reforms aren't announced immediately.

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French Foreign Affairs Minister and Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppe, speaks during a press conference on May 2, 2011 in Bordeaux. Juppe said Today that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime will fall if it continues its bloody repression of demonstrations.

Syrian nationals living in Lebanon show their support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad outside the United Nations building in the capital Beirut on May 2, 2011, as the authorities in neighbouring Syria set a deadline of 15 days for people who had committed "unlawful acts" to give themselves up,

President Bashar al-Assad
President Bashar al-Assad

Syrians rally to show their support for their President Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus on April 30, 2011, as the United States imposed new sanctions on Syria over its brutal repression of mass protests. AFP PHOTO/LOUAI BESHARA