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Audio: FAA tried to reach sleeping Reno controller

Radio communications between a medical flight and radar controllers trying to get ahold of a sleeping Nevada air traffic controller show the pilot circled several times before saying he'd have to land the plane unaided. Full story

Sleeping controllers prompt FAA to add staff

An air traffic controller was suspended Wednesday after being asleep while a medical flight was landing in Nevada, marking the fifth lapse so far this year among controllers at the nation's airports. Four involved sleeping controllers. Full story

Sleeping controller reported in Reno

   Officials at a Reno, Nevada, airport have confirmed that an air traffic controller fell asleep while on duty Wednesday morning. The incident apparently occurred while a medical flight was trying to land. NBC's Tom Costello reports.

Student hacked into online grading system, police say

Police say a Nevada high school student obtained a password to the online grading system of his school and bumped up the grades of 12 students in exchange for cash. Full story

4 feet of snow in a day near Lake Tahoe

The latest in a string of storms dropped heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada and set up ski resorts for a busy Presidents Day weekend, but it also caused more traffic delays and school closures. Full story

Hong Kong model won't go to Nevada to face charges

A Hong Kong fashion model won't appear in a Nevada court this week on misdemeanor charges relating to crashing her rented motor home into a landmark arch just one day after she was arrested on felony drug charges at the Burning Man counterculture festival. Full story

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  Tomatoes fly in Reno

Thousands throw tomatoes to raise money for the American Cancer Society at this massive and messy food fight in Reno, Nevada.'s Dara Brown reports.

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