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  Former ‘fat chick’ lost 200 pounds for son

‘Joy Fit’ member sheds more than half his weight

  Jerome Biggars once tipped the scale at 493 lbs. Dr. Joy Bauer reveals how he shed 293 lbs. in less than two years to become the newest member of the Joy Fit Club.

Woman drops 114 pounds, finds love

  The newest addition to the Joy Fit Club is a21 woman stops going to crash diets and drops more than 100 pounds by eating a sensible, healthy diet.

No freshman 15 for this Joy Fit member

  Meet the Joy Fit Club’s newest member, college freshman Gina Pizzo. Once weighing 248 lbs, Gina now strolls campus at a healthy 140 lbs. TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares her amazing tale.

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Emotional binge-eater drops 110 pounds

Special series

Suicidal at 575 pounds, she now weighs 165


  Animal lover gets ‘Joy Fit’

Margaret McLaughlin, a 47-year-old veterinary technician at the ASPCA, sheds 100 lbs. to be inducted into TODAY’s Joy Fit Club.

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