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Deal won't halt Ga. gas tax hike tied to formula

More pain at the pump is on the way for Georgia motorists, as the state's gas tax is set to rise by about 3 cents a gallon on Sunday as a result of a formula tied to fuel prices. Full story

House votes to lower NH gas tax nickel until July

The House has voted to drop New Hampshire's gas tax a nickel per gallon until July, but drivers shouldn't count on seeing the savings at the pump just yet. Full story

Indiana Democrat proposes summer freeze of gas tax

The leading Democrat in the Indiana House said he wants the state to suspend taxes on gasoline this summer, saying the move would save consumers about 40 cents per gallon. Full story

Wash. considers annual flat fee for electric cars

Drivers of electric cars may have left the gas pump behind, but there's one expense they may not be able to shake: paying to maintain the roads. Full story

Oregon looks at per-mile tax for electric cars

State lawmakers are considering charging electric-vehicle owners for every mile they drive to replace the gas tax payments they won't be making. Full story

Wash. Senate OKs electric car fee, math test bill

The state Senate approved several bills Tuesday, including a measure to impose a $100 annual fee on electric cars to make up for lost gas tax revenue, and a bill that eases the transition to a new statewide high school math assessment. Full story

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Road fund solvent despite gas tax concerns: LaHood

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