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Sweet Trading: Chocolate May Have Linked Prehistoric Civilizations

Roughly 1,000 years ago, residents of pueblos in the American southwest appear to have had an appetite for imported chocolate, according to new research. The finding, based on chemical traces found in clay pots, is evidence of a strong connection between the southwestern puebloans and the ancient ci Full story

Ancient megadroughts preview warmer climate: study

Ancient megadroughts that lasted thousands of years in what is now the American Southwest could offer a preview of a climate changed by modern greenhouse gas emissions, researchers reported on Wednesday. Full story

Cold weather chokes Southwest natgas supply

Frigid weather in the U.S. Southwest choked natural gas supply on Friday as frozen wells starved pipelines, but normal operations were expected to resume over the weekend with a return of milder temperatures. Full story

Cool La Nina Heats Up Fire Danger in U.S. Southwest

The equatorial waters of the Pacific Ocean have made the transition from the warming flow, known as El Niño, 10 months ago to its cooler cousin, La Niña, NASA scientists report. Full story

Wall St. firm behind slow solar on federal lands?

Five years after federal land managers opened up stretches of the Southwest to solar power developers, vast tracts still sit idle. Full story

King compares Middle East to U.S. Southwest

   Congressman Steven King, R-Iowa, drew a parallel between Israel’s self-defense, and neighboring countries wanting to “change the map of the United States.”

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The National Transportation Safety Board Displays Fuelage From Southwest Airline Plane
The National Transportation Safety Board Displays Fuelage From Southwest Airline Plane

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