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Goose Creek smoking ban now in effect

A smoking ban in Goose Creek goes into effect Monday.  Smoking is now prohibited in all enclosed public places in the city. The ordinance prohibits smoking in any place of employment in the city, to include any vehicles used to transport the public. It does not include vehicles where the only personFull story

Jamaica preparing to ban smoking in public places

Jamaica is set to become the latest regional country to ban smoking in public. Full story

No smoking ban consididered for Illinois campuses

  Illinois considers a sweeping smoking ban on public college campuses. WAND's Sara Sidery reports.

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Study links smoking bans to fewer pre-term births

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Restaurants employees hold Arabic placards that read, "the smoking ban is more important that kidnappings?" left, and "impose more laws and the country will go bankrupt," right, during a sit-in to protest the state imposition of a smoking ban in closed public places in Beirut, Lebanon, Monday, Sept.