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Reid says no preconditions on debt limit increase

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Wednesday he isn't demanding any preconditions in the bipartisan bid to increase the U.S. debt limit.Full story

S&P warning may end up actually helping U.S.

How S&P's warning could actually help US debt

NYT says 'rational' cuts to Pentagon spending

Earnings Preview: Safeway Inc.

Grocer Safeway Inc. reports its first-quarter results before the stock market opens on Thursday. Full story

China must watch for rising U.S. Treasury yields: researcher

BEIJING (Reuters) - China needs to guard against volatility in U.S. Treasury prices should investors demand higher returns from U.S. government debt, a researcher at the Chinese central bank said on Monday. Full story

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With much at stake, Asia voices confidence in U.S. debt

Even after missteps credit raters wield power

Oil drops to $107.12 a barrel

World finance chiefs chastise U.S. on budget gap

Egypt seeks U.S. debt forgiveness, minister says

IMF: U.S. growth requires easy money policy

Huge bond fund bets against U.S. debt

Quake cleanup could swamp Japan with debt

Scenarios: Japan PM cornered after foreign minister quits

Economists list U.S. budget deficit as No. 1 worry


  Hayes: S&P is 'bereft of credibility'

The Nation's Chris Hayes joins Morning Joe to discuss the S&P lowering its outlook on U.S. debt for the first time. Hayes says there is reason to worry about the country's long-term fiscal outlook, but not because of the S&P report.

  How will Washington react to S&P report?

The Morning Joe panel – including Donny Deutsch and Time's Mark Halperin – discuss the day's big issues including news that the Dow fell 140.24 points on word that the S&P lowered its outlook Monday on U.S. debt for the first time.

  Energy and the debt debate

With each side laying out their ideas for taming the National Debt, how much consideration is being given to America’s energy crisis as the country approaches the one-year anniversary of the nation’s worst oil spill. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., discusses.

  Obama: Tax the rich to help the budget

In a speech on Wednesday, President Obama laid out his plan for dealing with the steep national debt. The proposal includes reducing the overall cost of health care and increasing taxes for wealthy Americans. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

  Scarborough: Concerned by elements of GOP spending plan

Must Read Op-Eds: Mika Brzezinski reads from today’s opinion pages including a Richard Haass column in the Wall Street Journal on why the U.S. should keep out of Libya, and a new Joe Scarborough column in Politico about the U.S. debt crisis.

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Stocks Plunge As S&P Cuts U.S. Credit Rating To Negative
Stocks Plunge As S&P Cuts U.S. Credit Rating To Negative

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 18: A trader works on the floor on the New York Stock Exchange on April 18, 2011 in New York City. Following news that Standard and Poor's had cut its long-term outlook on U.S. debt to negative, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 180 points in afternoon trading, settling at