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AP sources: Cuomo opposes parts of NY fiscal plan

People close to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the Democrat who's expected to become his party's nominee for governor will oppose critical elements of the long-term financial recovery plan for New York developed by Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch. Full story

Measuring the stimulus’ political impact

   Oct. 30: The White House announced that at least 640,000 jobs have been created or saved because of the economic recovery plan, but is the president getting due credit on the economy? Msnbc’s Chris Matthews, CNBC’s Jim Cramer, and Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post discuss.

30,000 stimulus jobs figure is way off the mark

The White House promised that new figures showing progress in President Obama's recovery plan will be more accurate as it defended an earlier faulty count that overstated the jobs created so far. Full story

Obama to invest in education, technology

   Sept. 21: President Obama says, there needs to be a sustained investment in education, technology, health care and research, during a speech on his economy recovery plan at Hudson Valley Community College in upstate New York.

U.S. urged to protect Mexican gray wolves

They're all gray wolves, but the Mexican gray wolf is notably different than its faraway cousins, and conservationists now say the animals need specific protection under federal law to avoid extinction. Full story

Obama withdraws Bush-era logging plan

The Obama administration on Thursday withdrew a Bush-era attempt at increasing logging in federal forests in the Pacific Northwest that are occupied by northern spotted owls and salmon. Full story

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Obama urges patience on stimulus plan

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