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California Dreaming: a return to issuance

With supplies of new municipal bonds running well below forecasts for this year, California's return to the market in the second half of the year could exert quite an impact. Full story

Regulators award Citigroup investors $54M

Securities regulators have ordered Citigroup Inc. to pay $54 million to two investors who suffered hefty losses in several municipal bond hedge funds between 2002 and 2007. Full story

Bernanke on States

   Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke discusses the situation states currently find themselves in, and the potential for panic in the municipal bond market. Bernanke also discusses his feelings on bailing out states or loaning them money.

Trouble Spots in the Muni Market

   CNBC's Steve Liesman takes an in-depth look at the municipal bond market and its potential threat to the economy.

U.S. investors fear muni defaults, job losses

Some of the United States' weakest local governments face a real risk of default in 2011 as well as waves of layoffs that could put upward pressure on the country's jobless rate, according to a Reuters poll. Full story

Lawmakers pound public pensions, fear bailouts

Republican lawmakers swore off any bailout of state and city governments on Wednesday, turning the screws on states and floating bankruptcy as a radical fix for underfunded pensions and budget problems. Full story

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State and local fiscal situations "a major drag": economist

JPMorgan, Barclays drop opposition to MBIA split

U.S. faces tough future without Build America Bonds

Factbox: End of stimulus plan and municipal bonds


  Bet on Munis: Money Manager

Dagny Maidman of Credit Suisse tells CNBC why she's putting her clients in municipal bonds.

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