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Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid

Two former CIA employees whose Kansas home was fruitlessly searched for marijuana during a two-state drug sweep claim they were illegally targeted, possibly because they had bought indoor growing supplies to raise vegetables.Full story

KLG and Hoda add Pilates to Boxing to try ‘Piloxing’

  The ladies try the newest fitness trend in L.A., “Piloxing,” developed by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Vivca Jensen, which combines dance, Pilates, and boxing. Kathie Lee and Hoda try out the moves and find they’re tough to do in Spanx.

Jam out with this new workout craze

  Drummers Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom talk about their new LA-based workout program “Pound,” which they describe as a full-body jam session that combines Pilates, isometric movements, and yoga-based poses and utilizes drumstick-like resistant weights called “ripsticks.” 

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  Work out with your baby, at home or at the gym

Jenn Seracuse, the director of Pilates at Pilates Proworks in New York, demonstrates how to lose the baby weight with your little one in tow, doing sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges while keeping your baby close and safe.

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