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Did black hole cause powerful star explosion?

A huge, powerful star explosion detonated in deep space last week — an ultra-bright conflagration that has astronomers scratching their heads over exactly how it happened.Full story

Mysterious Cosmic Blast a Hungry Black Hole?

Astronomers are tracking unusual, extremely bright blasts of radiation coming from the center of a galaxy 3.8 billion light-years from Earth. Full story

Radiation anxiety weighs on tsunami survivors

Like characters from a science fiction film, the radiation screeners at this Japanese evacuation center wear futuristic white suits, surgical masks and hoods. Silver gamma ray monitors gleam in their hands as they wand all who enter. Full story

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Giant Bubbles Found in Space

Black hole eruption seen in Milky Way heart

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New kind of gamma-ray star blast discovered

Record-breaking X-ray blast briefly blinds observatory

Observatory sees 500th deep-space explosion

Energetic cosmic fog stumps scientists

Star death may explain universe's biggest bangs

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Gamma-ray nova
Gamma-ray nova

The red spot at the center of this image, based on data collected from March 10 to 29, represents what scientists believe is a gamma-ray nova.

gamma-ray burst
gamma-ray burst

The brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen in X-rays temporarily blinded Swift's X-ray Telescope on 21 June 2010. Full story. Credit: NASA/Swift/Stefan Immler

Matter-antimatter annihilation
Matter-antimatter annihilation

This is an image of an actual matter-antimatter annihilation due to an atom of antihydrogen in the ATHENA experiment, located on the Antiproton Decelerator at CERN since 2001. The antiproton produces four charged pions whose positions are given by silicon microstrips before depositing energy in C