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  KKK neighborhood watch upsets neighbors

KKK calls for community watch groups

  Last week, Missouri residents found a bag in their yard with a note from the KKK offering help setting up a neighborhood watch. The NAACP’s Hillary Shelton joins MSNBC to discuss what he thinks the KKK’s intent is with this plan.

Black man snaps coworker dressed like Klansman

  A black man in North Carolina says he’s filing a lawsuit against his former employer, claiming a fellow employee humiliated him on the job while wearing a KKK t-shirt, hood and noose. WCNC’s Amy Cowman reports.

New York men accused of plotting to build radiation weapon

ALBANY, New York (Reuters) - Two New York men are accused of plotting to produce a lethal radiation weapon and trying to sell it to a Jewish group and the Ku Klux Klan, according to a federal complaint unsealed on Wednesday. Full story

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Boy Scouts should be better prepared for change

Obama nominee for Labor Department triggers right-wing backlash

Ohio's Oberlin College suspends classes over "hate speech"


  Woman angered by KKK pamphlet in her driveway

Florida woman concerned after finding a pamphlet distributed by the KKK in her driveway. WESH's Dave McDaniel reports.

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