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Pentagon estimates Libya costs at $608 million

The Pentagon said Monday the military intervention in Libya cost the U.S. an estimated $608 million in the first few of weeks of the operation. Spending is down significantly, though not as much as expected.Full story

U.N. accuses pro-Gbagbo forces of killing 10 civilians

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo opened fire on civilians in Abidjan on Monday, killing about ten of them, the United Nations peacekeeping mission said in a statement issued on Tuesday. Full story

GOP struggles to oppose Obama without contradiction

  Chris Hayes, Washington editor of The Nation, talk with Rachel Maddow about how the U.S. role in military action in Libya is playing out politically at home, particularly with Republicans who are trying to find a way to criticize President Obama.

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Saudi Shi'ite protests simmer as Bahrain conflict rages

Tunisia won't join military intervention in Libya

Scenarios: Where does Libya's armed conflict go from here?

France: No military intervention in Libya without U.N.

Haiti protesters want Preval out

Hubris and debris clog Haiti quake recovery

Experts ask: Did U.N. troops infect Haiti?

U.N.: Tree at center of deadly clash was in Israel


  U.S. officials discuss options in Libya

Defense Secretary Robert Gates downplayed the likelihood of military intervention in Libya as two U.S. warships entered the Suez Canal this morning for humanitarian missions. Former NSC Director for Middle East Affairs Michael Singh joins to discuss.

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This picture taken on December 6, 2010 s
This picture taken on December 6, 2010 s

This picture taken on December 6, 2010 shows United Nations peacekeepers guarding the Golf Hotel, the headquarters of the new Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara. A blockade of a hotel housing rivals of Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo has ended and police have deserted him as rebels advance to drive hi

Haitians clash with UN forces
Haitians clash with UN forces

November 15, 2010, Cap Haitien, Haiti: Haitians held anti-U.N. protests, accusing Nepalese of bringing cholera to Haiti. The incidents raised security questions ahead of the general elections. In Haiti's second city of Cap-Haitien, located in the North, hundreds of protesters gathered, yelling anti-