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First Images of Our Solar System's Tail Revealed

Astronomers have gotten the first-ever peek at our solar system's tail, called the heliotail, finding that it's shaped like a four-leaf clover, NASA scientists announced today (July 10). Full story

Leaks found in Earth's protective shield

Our planet's protective magnetic bubble may not be as protective as scientists had thought. Small breaks in Earth's magnetic field almost continuously let in the solar wind — the stream of magnetic, energized plasma launched by the sun toward the planets — new research has found. Full story

Voyager 1 still well within solar system

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft, which launched 35 years ago Wednesday, surprisingly may have far more to travel before it leaves the solar system, researchers say. Full story

Solar plane lands after no-fuel journey

   The sun-powered plane "Solar Wind" lands after a roundtrip journey from Switzerland to Africa without using a drop of fuel.'s Dara Brown reports.

Solar storm soundtrack recorded on video

A new video captures the frenzied sounds of a sun storm, based on data recorded by two spacecraft as they were bombarded with charged particles during a recent solar eruption. Full story

A debate: How vital is a planet's magnetic field?

Our nearest planetary neighbors, Mars and Venus, have no oceans or lakes or rivers. Some researchers have speculated that they were blown dry by the solar wind, and that our Earth escaped this fate because its strong magnetic field deflects the wind. However, a debate has arisen over whether a magne Full story

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Dazzling display of northern lights ignites sky

NASA's Voyager 1 Spacecraft Nearing Edge of the Solar System

Is solar wind the next big renewable energy resource

NASA craft records first-ever look at solar wind

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Mars and solar wind

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