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  'We were ground zero' for the Gulf oil spill

'We just about lost our whole business'

  Paul Lartigue of Orange Beach, Alabama, talks about the devastating impact of the Gulf oil spill on his seafood business.

Gulf business owners say BP skimping on payments

  Business owners from Orange Beach, Alabama say BP isn't paying claims as promised--and in some cases, punishing some because they live too far from shore. NBC’s Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers reports.

Feinberg hears complaints from oil spill claims filers

  Kenneth Feinberg, the independent administrator of the independent Gulf Coast Claims Facility, heard complaints of various Gulf Coast businesspeople and workers who had filed claims for reimbursement of losses suffered due to the BP oil spill, at a town hall in Orange Beach, AL last week 09/15/10.

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  Businessman: BP hasn't lived up to oil spill claims promises

Jeff Hardy, retail store owner in Orange Beach, Alabama, complains BP hasn't paid him to cover sales losses caused by the oil spill, putting his business in jeopardy. BP says it's deferring less clear-cut claims like his to the new independent Gulf Coast Claims Facility, which takes over the job Mon

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BESTPIX  The Gulf Coast Commemorates One-Year Anniversary Of BP Oil Spill
BESTPIX The Gulf Coast Commemorates One-Year Anniversary Of BP Oil Spill

ORANGE BEACH, AL - APRIL 20: A crane stands on a beach chair at dawn on the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill on April 20, 2011 in Orange Beach, Alabama. Orange Beach on the Gulf Coast was impacted by oil in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion which killed eleven crew member

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Inland fisherman Brent Shaver (© Dave Martin)

In this April 19, 2011 photo, inland fisherman Brent Shaver waits for his charter to arrive at the dock in Orange Beach, Ala. Despite all the worry and anger from the summer of oil, plus a pair of personal tragedies, life is pretty much back to the normal grind for Capt. Bligh, who got his nickname

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Tar balls

Tar balls sit on the beach in Orange Beach, Ala., Saturday, June 5, 2010. Oil from the Deepwater Horizon has been found in the Perdido Pass, effectively shutting down much of the fishing business that operates out of marinas there. Boat captain Brent "Hollywood" Shaver, a long time charter boat oper