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Scary Thought: Dinosaurs May Have Hunted at Night

Some dinosaurs didn't go to sleep when the sun went down. Like many living animals, some paleo-beasts stayed awake or woke up to forage or begin the hunt for prey. Full story

Why We Kick Others When We're Down

Just failed a test or screwed up a project at work? Chances are more likely you'll put down others who are different from you to try to lift yourself back up, a new study suggests. Full story

Surgery gives woman a voice after years of silence

   52-year-old Brenda Jensen is now able to speak for the first time in 11 years after a voice box transplant at the University of California-Davis. Stephanie Stanton reports.

Biological factor for autism found

   Researchers from the University of California Davis have isolated a possible cause for autism which could lead to more effective treatment. Contessa Brewer discusses the findings with NBC’s Robert Bazell.

Beer Gets Boost with Microbrew View

A common brand of German beer was found to contain 54 types of proteins, more than four times the amount found in any other beer, a finding brought to light with a technique normally used in the biomedical field. Full story

Dogfighting DNA database helps nab criminals

It’s rare to catch a dog fighter in the middle of an actual fight, so when investigators are trying to convict suspected dog fighters, they need all the evidence they can get. Full story

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Great white shark with seal decoy
Great white shark with seal decoy

A white shark investigates a fake seal decoy used by UC Davis researchers.

Brenda Jensen
Brenda Jensen

Brenda Jensen smiles as she answers a question about her transplanted larynx during a news conference at the University of California, Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday Jan. 20, 2011. Since the highly complex and rare voice box transplant last October, Jensen has regained the abil

FILE - This Friday, April 3, 2009 photo shows a trio of genetically altered kid goats at the goat barn at the University of California Davis, in Davis, Calif. The goats' genes have been modified so they they produce milk with a high concentration of a human enzyme that fights the bacteria that caus