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NIreland police charge man with terror offenses

Northern Ireland police say a man suspected in the killing of a policeman has been charged with terrorism offenses. Full story

NIreland police lured to booby-trap bomb

Irish Republican Army dissidents lured police officers with a hoax emergency call to a booby-trapped bomb that failed to explode, Northern Ireland police said Tuesday. Full story

Car bomb kills policeman in Northern Ireland

A policeman was killed when a bomb exploded under his car in the Northern Irish town of Omagh Saturday, the first killing in the British-controlled province for two years. Full story

Pressure builds on Rep. King ahead of hearing

   Niall O’Dowd of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform and Dearborn, Mich. Mayor Jack O’Reilly join Hardball’s Chris Matthews to discuss the lawmaker’s history with the Irish Republican Army ahead of the looming hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims.

Irish opposition to light up new parliament

Dismayed by the country's economic collapse and disgusted with the leaders who oversaw it, Irish voters have elected a disparate array of parliamentarians to hold its new government to account. Full story

Iraq suicide bombings kill at least 50

   Car bombs killed struck Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad Thursday in a third straight day of attacks across Ira. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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Analysis: Ireland's difficulty is Sinn Fein's opportunity

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